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ASE Research Institute

The ASE Research Institute covers research concerning economics, econometrics and actuarial science.

Our institute currently has 8 research programmes and a number of affiliated research centres and institutes.

Research programmes at the Amsterdam School of Economics

About our research

The Amsterdam School of Economics consists of a large body of researchers covering a host of different topics. While these do not exhaust all areas of economics, it is fair to say to that researchers at ASE have proven excellence in the areas of:

  • Experimental economics, decision making
  • Applied microeconomics, specifically in development economics and the economics of the household and education
  • Markets and organisation
  • Econometrics, specifically in the areas of financial econometrics and inference
  • Actuarial science and mathematical finance
  • Nonlinear dynamics
  • Macro and international economics
  • Fiscal economics

Throughout our research, we aim to appraise researcher performance and to provide a directive for further research with its standards for research. Therefore, we have a research policy, as well as ethics rules and guidelines.

PhD Research

Many scholars have started their career at as a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School of Economics. Currently about 60 PhD students are working on their research at the ASE. Topics vary from financial econometrics to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Knowledge Centres

Our School houses several knowledge centres and affiliated institutes where our faculty members are involved in.

Annual Reports

The annual reports of the Amsterdam School of Economics Research Institute reflect the steady growth and development of our school and its activities, research and education.