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Macro and International Economics (MInt)

Macro and International Economics (MInt)

MInt Amsterdam is one of the research groups of the Amsterdam School of Economics Research Institute. It focuses on applied and theoretical research within the areas of macroeconomics and international economics.

Both macroeconomics and international economics are broadly defined and include (but are not limited to) business cycle analysis, fiscal policy, growth theory, international trade and finance, macro-finance, monetary economics, environmental macroeconomics, and pension economics. The group consists of faculty members, post-docs, PhD students and affiliated members.

Faculty members of MInt participate in the research and teaching of the Tinbergen Institute. The Tinbergen Institute is the graduate school and research institute operated jointly by the Schools of Economics and Econometrics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), University of Amsterdam (UvA) and VU University Amsterdam (VU). 

MInt welcomes new colleagues

This academic year, we welcome four new colleagues. Thomas Douenne (Paris School of Economics) started as assistant professor, and Neeltje van Horen (Bank of England) as professor. Daniel Schmidt and Konstantin Sommer started their PhD projects.

Rick van der Ploeg university professor

MInt is pleased to announce that Rick van der Ploeg has been appointed university professor of Environmental Economics at the UvA and will be based at MInt. He will combine this position with his professorship at the University of Oxford. Rick will focus on research and education in the field of environmental economics, covering the economic aspects of climate change, biodiversity and resource depletion, as well as broader social and political aspects.

Paper by Huo Zhen (Yale) and Marcelo Pedroni (MInt/UvA) forthcoming in the American Economic Review

The paper "A Single-Judge Solution to Beauty Contests" by Huo Zhen (Yale) and Marcelo Pedroni (MInt/UvA ) is forthcoming in the American Economic Review. Read the full paper here.


Prof. Beetsma's research and his Phd students are supported by pensionfund provider MN.

Prof. dr. F.J.G.M. (Franc) Klaassen

Programme leader