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UvA-Econometrics is a research group in which about a dozen researchers in econometrics from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) collaborate.

The UvA-Econometrics programme aims at improving the accuracy, efficiency and robustness of econometric methods. Such methods are designed to model economic behavior and test economic theory under various limitations of actual empirical data. The major challenge is to extract valid and useful interpretations from empirical economic data.

UvA-Econometrics organises seminars and workshops, often in collaboration with the Tinbergen Institute, and it disseminates discussion papers and advertises its publications. UvA-Econometrics is one of the about eight research programmes of ASE-RI, the research institute of the Amsterdam School of Economics.


If you have a question related to the UvA-Econometrics programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Prof. dr. F.R. (Frank) Kleibergen

Programme director

Postal address

Amsterdam School of Economics 
UvA Econometrics
P.O. Box 15867 
1001 NJ Amsterdam