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Your internationally recognised MSc degree provides you with a solid foundation to start your professional career from. Whether you want to become an econometrician at a large corporation, a data scientist in the finance sector or a PhD candidate in a top international programme.

A lot of our students find a job even before they graduate. And with good reason: our graduates are highly sought after following an excellent training in econometrics and data science. We have a full research programme dedicated to the field. So you will gain insight in the latest theories and techniques, to bring with you to your 1st employer. Graduates can be found in a wide variety of private and public organisations, such as financial institutions and banks, research departments of large public and private organisations, public agencies, multinationals and consultancies.

Average time to find a job

2 months

Average starting salary


Live and work in the Netherlands for 1 year

Orientation Year Permit

Where do our graduates work?
  • Data Analyst

    Our alumni work as data analysts, utilising their expertise in econometric modelling and statistical analysis to extract insights from large datasets and make data-driven decisions.

  • Econometric Modeller

    Graduates can specialise in econometric modelling, developing and refining models to forecast economic trends and outcomes.

  • Policy Analyst

    Alumni find roles as policy analysts, analysing the impact of economic policies and proposing evidence-based recommendations for public and private organisations.

  • Risk Manager

    Econometrics graduates can work as risk managers, using statistical models to assess and manage risks in various industries, including insurance and finance.

  • Consultant

    Alumni can work as economic consultants, providing expert advice to businesses, government agencies, and organisations on economic and policy-related matters.

Career in research

Recommended by our alumni

Why did alumni Jan Sviták, Axel Augustinus and Emir Karadag decide to study Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam? And where do they work now?

Alumni network

All graduates have access to our extensive alumni network, with more than 186.000 alumni worldwide. This network empowers graduates to connect with fellow alumni, students, staff, and corporate relations of UvA Economics and Business. They can explore their fields of interest and discover new opportunities.

Career preparation during your Master's

Our Career Centre is here to help you prepare for your professional career. This team of personal development assistants, career coaches, and internship advisors will assist you in increasing your employability and confidence after graduation. Benefit from:

  • career coaching
  • professional skills workshops
  • CV checks
  • networking events

Internship and exchange

If you have completed your curriculum, you can do an internship or go on an exchange abroad. For international students it is an excellent opportunity to experience the Dutch labour market.