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Catalina Cozariuc
Catalina Cozariuc

The challenge is a part of the Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management (QTEM) programme. 'I’m delighted that our hard work and late-night meetings paid off. I hope our ideas will actually have an impact on Cartier’s decision-making,' said Catalina. ‘I chose the QTEM programme because I saw it as a great opportunity to both improve my quantitative skills and to study a semester at Waseda University in Tokyo.’

QTEM Data Challenge

‘The QTEM Data Challenge is a business analytics case solved by teams of 3 to 4 students from all over the world. The students are randomly assigned to a team. Usually, team members don’t know each other in advance. You need to find a way to interact remotely in different time zones, which makes it even more interesting!’

Analysing patterns customers’ purchase behaviour

‘The case of this year’s challenge was prepared by the jeweler Cartier. Our research objective was to analyse patterns in customer purchase behaviour and come up with solutions that could enhance customer loyalty. We received temporary access to encrypted confidential data (such as sales, calls, live chats, and wish-lists). My team’s main contribution was that we found a way of segmenting customers into groups based on their most recent previous purchases. We also found what drives the differences between them.’

Solving a real-world business challenge

‘The assignment was an excellent learning experience. I was able to apply my knowledge and skills to a real-world business challenge. I also learned how to cooperate in a multicultural environment.’

'My team and I were honoured to find out that the jury selected us as winners, given how good all the finalists’ solutions were. The fact that I won the prize for the best speaker was the cherry on top. Networking is easy when conversations begin with: ‘Hi, I voted for you as the best speaker!', she explains.

About the QTEM programme
The QTEM programme is an ambitious and selective programme offering a strong background in quantitative and analytical skills and techniques applied to management or economics. The programme consists of three elements: an exchange, a quantitative internship, and the Global Business Analytics Challenge.