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Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance
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Read more about the application for Master's applicants

Students from UvA - Economics and Business (doorstromers)

Students from UvA - Economics and Business don't need to apply to the programme through the online application system Embark. They can follow this procedure for enrolling in a Master’s programme.

Students from outside UvA - Economics and Business 

After registering in Studielink (the previous step), you have to take the next step in the application process, and submit a complete application in our online application system Embark. 

If you cannot complete your application at once, you can save it and log in later to make any changes until you are ready to submit your application before the application deadline. Only after receiving a complete application the Admissions Office can evaluate your application and determine your eligibility for the programme. 

Are you eligible?

The Admissions Office can only come to an informed decision about your eligibility by reviewing your complete Embark application. They will determine your eligibility based on the entry requirements of the programme. The outcome of your eligibility will only be communicated per email after receiving a complete application in Embark.

How to submit a complete application in Embark in 3 steps:

1. Create an Embark account

You have to create an account in Embark with your email, password and name. Please note: Embark is not connected to your Studielink or your UvAnetID registration; you need to create a separate account in Embark.

2. Upload all documents to complete the form

Please note that we won't evaluate your application if it is not complete. Therefore, we recommend you to only start your application when you have all the required documents as mentioned below  

1. UvAnetID/student number You receive this via email after registration in Studielink.
2. Bachelor's diploma  If you have already graduated, including an official translation to English or Dutch. Please note that your graduation date cannot be later than 31 August 2023.
3. Most recent Bachelor’s transcript If you have not yet obtained your diploma, please submit all grades obtained until the moment of application, including the courses you still need to follow in your final year.  Make sure to include an official translation to English or Dutch. 
4. Course descriptions A self-made summary of relevant courses you took during your Bachelor’s for the programme you are applying for. Please include per course: topics covered, amount of credits earned, method(s) of examination and the compulsory literature list. 
5. English proficiency test Upload a test score result that meets the entry requirements as stated on the programme page. Be aware of the fact that we won't evaluate your application when your test result is missing. One month before the application deadline it is also possible to upload only a test date, which needs to take place before the application deadline.
6. GMAT/GRE test result Students with an international degree need to upload a GMAT/GRE score that meets the entry requirements of the specific programme.
7. Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation One of the selection criteria is the Grade Point Average (GPA). You can use this GPA calculation
8. Extra documents Upload any other relevant obtained Masters and/or followed exchange semesters. Please note that you must upload a recommendation letter when applying for the MSc Finance.
9. Motivation letter Max. 1 A4
10. Curriculum Vitae (CV) The CV allows you to describe basic information about yourself, your skills, qualifications and experiences. It is mostly used as a clear overview of your previous education. Please note that we do not take work experience into consideration during the evaluation of your application. For a format example refer to Europass CV
11. Official Statement of (expecte) Graduation provided by your University Only for Non-EU/EEA students with an International degree who require a student visa and/or residence permit. Read more below. 
12. Optional: second programme choice It is possible to indicate a second programme choice. We will only evaluate your second programme choice if you receive a rejection for your first programme choice, or per request. 
  • Information about the Statement of (expected) Graduation for non-EU/EEA students who need a student visa and/or residence permit

    In order to comply with the regulations of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), we need an Official Statement of Graduation that needs to be issued by a representative of your University, as part of your Visa application.

    Who needs to submit the official Statement of Graduation?
    Non-EU/EEA students who did not yet complete their previous international education before the application deadline and need to have a student visa and/or residence permit to start their studies. 

    You can already submit the Official Statement of Graduation as part of your Embark application, but this is not mandatory. In case this Statement is missing from your application, the Admissions Office will remind you to organise one. Your application will already be evaluated without the statement.

    If you are a non-EU/EEA student with an International degree and you have already received your Bachelor's diploma before the application deadline you only have to upload your Bachelor's diploma in the application form, you don't need the statement of graduation.

    What is an official Statement of Graduation?
    This is a document which states the following information:

    • First (given) name and Last name;
    • Date of birth;
    • Country of birth;
    • Current Bachelor’s education;
    • Expected graduation date (please note, this has to be before the start of your programme)
    • Stamp and signature from a representative of your University

    When is the deadline to submit the Statement of Graduation?
    For the February intake: 1 November 2023
    For the September intake: 23 May 2023

    This deadline applies to all non-EU/EEA applicants who require a student visa and/or residence permit. You will not be able to start the programme if the Admissions Office receives the statement after the application deadline. After this date, the University cannot submit a complete visa permit application on your behalf.

3. Submit your complete application

A complete application needs to be submitted before the application deadline. Make sure that you press the submit button in Embark to be considered as an applicant and the Admissions Office can assess your application. For all applicants with a non-Dutch previous education a non-refundable application fee of €100 applies, before you can submit. 

Admissions process

The admissions office has a rolling admissions process. This means that only complete applications in Embark will be evaluated on eligibility for the programme upon receiving them.

You will most likely receive your results within 4-6 weeks after we have received a complete application, but in peak moments (January till June) evaluating your application may take a few weeks longer.

Incomplete application 

When your file is not in order or missing any document(s), the Admissions Office will send you an 'incomplete' email explaining which document(s) are missing or which tasks you still have to complete. You have 10 working days to arrange everything, or your application will be closed. 

Technical issues

Should you have technical issues with the Embark system, you can get in touch via email.