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The Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE) successfully filled the vacancy for a tenure track position in 'Financial Stability' during the 2019 European Job Market.

Fabian Greimel (Mannheim University, Germany) will be joining the Quantitative Economics section as an Assistant Professor in the CeNDEF research group. The Amsterdam School of Economics, and in particular CeNDEF, is very pleased with the arrival of this excellent candidate. Fabian will take up his duties starting this autumn. Fabian is a macroeconomist with a special interest in Macro-Finance, Household finance, and Computational Economics. In the past, he has conducted research on topics such as housing and mortgage markets, income inequality, financial stability, and financial crises.

Fabian’s job market paper argues that rising inequality fueled the American mortgage and house price booms prior to the financial crisis because households wanted to keep up with the Joneses. Watch the video from the 2020 ASSA meetings in San Diego where he explains the paper in two minutes.