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This seminar will cover a Brief introduction to the research agenda: How do environmental policies and shocks impact socioeconomic inequality?

Event details of SEEMS Seminar with Ana Varela Varela (ASE, UvA) and Arno Kourula (ABS, UvA)
Date 5 December 2022
Time 13:30 -14:30
Location Roeterseilandcampus - building E
Room Hybrid from M4.02


Ana Varela Varela (ASE, UvA)

How do environmental policies and shocks impact socioeconomic inequality? In this talk, Dr Ana Varela Varela will present three projects which address several aspects of this question by applying an applied microeconomics toolbox to spatial data. Specifically, these projects focus on how diverse responses to flooding events might increase spatial segregation, the feedback loops between environmental impacts and housing tenure, and the effects of new environmental technologies to address climate change (such as carbon capture) on the welfare of different socioeconomic groups. In the last part of the talk, Varela Varela will sketch some potential avenues for future research. 

Arno Kourula (ABS, UvA)

In this talk, Kourula explores how and why do business organizations adopt different roles and responsibilities in cross-sector sustainability contexts. We examine social and environmental sustainability contexts where business is involved and implements programs and collaborations with civil society and public sector organizations. This talk provides a brief overview of four themes in Kourula's research: interorganizational roles; business, government and civil society relations; irresponsibility and stigma; and sustainability in context.

About the SEEMS Seminars

Over the past years the number of researchers at UvA Economics & Business that work on Environmental Economics and Sustainability has increased significantly. To provide a natural meeting place for them, we have started a series of Seminars on Environmental Economics and Management of Sustainability (SEEMS).

The series’ first main goal is to increase the visibility of Environmental Economics and the Management of Sustainability at UvA and the visibility of UvA within these fields. Its second main goal is to give PhD candidates working on topics in these fields access to the frontier of knowledge, and to provide them with a training ground where they can present and discuss their ideas.

Are you interested?

This will be a hybrid seminar. If you are interested in joining this seminar, please send an email to the secretariat of ASF at

Dr. A. (Ana) Varela Varela

Faculty of Economics and Business

Section Microeconomics

Prof. A.E. (Arno) Kourula

Faculty of Economics and Business

Section Strategy & International Business

Roeterseilandcampus - building E

Room Hybrid from M4.02

Roetersstraat 11
1018 WB Amsterdam