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At UvA Economics and Business, we believe it's crucial for economics education to evolve with developments in society and the science of economics. That's why we are playing a central role as a hub during the Economics Education Week, taking place from 20-24 November.
Professor Peter van Baalen
Peter van Baalen

Professor Peter van Baalen and College Director Mark van der Veen are organising two sessions related to the theme of sustainability. They explain why UvA EB is a hub during this week and why they are focusing on sustainability.

Van Baalen: ‘UvA EB is one of the largest Economics and Business faculties in the country. Every year, hundreds of students graduate from our programmes. Our graduates enter nearly all sectors of the economy and play a significant role in the transition to a sustainable society. Mark van der Veen adds, ‘What’s more, UvA EB has been a leader in sustainability for decades. We’ve gained a lot of experience that we want to share.’ Van Baalen continues, ‘Our experts and alumni are eager to engage with economics teachers working in secondary education. Together, we want to explore how we can further embed the sustainability theme in both secondary and higher education.’

Providing tools to address sustainability

UvA EB is organising a discussion session on sustainability in secondary economics education and a seminar on greening education. Van der Veen emphasizes the importance of these sessions: ‘Sustainability has a massive impact on the economy, innovation, and government policies, and this impact will only grow in the coming years. We need to prepare students and pupils well for this reality.’ Van Baalen adds, ‘We must equip them with the tools to address these challenges. Education, from primary to higher levels, is the best place to do this, especially in economics and business education. Here, we can teach students and pupils how a sustainability transition can take place in an economically responsible way.’

Mark van der Veen
Mark van der Veen

About the sessions

The discussion session on sustainability will take place on 21 November. Van Baalen explains, ‘During this session, we want to engage with economics teachers from secondary education on the topic of sustainability in economics education.’ Professor Arnoud Boot from the Amsterdam Business School and Jack Peelings from Wageningen University & Research will give presentations. The session will conclude with a panel discussion.

The seminar "Greening our Education" will take place on 23 November. Van der Veen says, ‘In the seminar we will demonstrate how we have integrated sustainability into our curriculum. We are doing this in collaboration with Nyenrode Business University. We will also present our range of programmes to an experienced manager well-versed in sustainable business practices. This manager will share insights on the essential knowledge and skills required for success in sustainable business. What does everyone need to know and what we can contribute from our specialisations—this expert will enlighten us on all these aspects. We will conclude with ideas to enhance curriculum for 23/24. Everyone is welcome to participate and share their ideas.’