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Dr. K.J. (Kees Jan) van Garderen

Faculty of Economics and Business
Section Quantitative Economics
Photographer: FEB

Visiting address
  • Roetersstraat 11
  • Room number: 4.33
Postal address
  • Postbus 15867
    1001 NJ Amsterdam
  • Profile


    Associate Professor in Econometrics
    Coordinator UvA, European Doctorate in Economics Erasmus Mundus (EDEEM)

    Research programme


    Research interests

    Econometric Theory, 
    Differential Geometry & Applications in Econometrics, 
    Exact Distribution Theory and Approximations, 
    Conditional Inference,
    Applied Econometrics and Forecasting

    Dissertation title

    Inference in Curved Exponential Models
    PhD, Econometrics, 
    University of Cambridge, 
    Trinity College (1996). 

    Prizes and honours

    KNAW Research Fellow 2001-2005 
    2001 ESRC grant (competitive award for research proposal with C.Schluter)
    1994 Human Capital and Mobility Fellowship
                 (competitive award for research proposal submitted to the Commission of the European Union).
    1992 Trinity College External Research Studentship. 
    1992 ESRC Studentship Competition Award. 
    1992 Everhard Verheyden Dutch Prize.
    1991 Australian Postgraduate Research Award. 

    Curriculum Vitae 

  • Teaching

    Teaching activities

    Current year

    Advanced Econometrics 1 & 2               (MSc in Econometrics)
    Econometrics 2                                         (3rd year BSc Econometrics)
    Thesis coordination                                  (BSc Econometrics)


    Empirical Project                                         (2nd year BSc Econometrics)
    Econometrie 1                                             (2nd year BSc Econometrics)
    Advanced Econometrics II                          (MPhil, Tinbergen Institute Amsterdam)
    Time Series Modelling                                 (MSc Bristol)
    Advanced Micro Econometric Modelling  (MSc Bristol)
    Advanced Econometric Theory                   (3rd year, Bristol)
    Applied Econometrics                                   (3rd year, Bristol)
    Econometrics                                                  (2nd year, Cambridge)
    Applied Econometrics                                   (2nd year, Monash, Melbourne)
    Econometrics                                                  (2nd year, Monash, Melbourne)
    Topics in Econometrics                                 (3rd year, Monash, Melbourne)
    Economics Statistics                                      (1st year, Monash, Melbourne) 

    Course materials are available through the UvA Blackboard Server
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  • Publications







    • van Garderen, K. J., Taniguchi, M., & Puri, M. L. (2003). Higher Order Asymptotic Theory for Semiparametric Estimation of Spectral Parameters of Stationary Processes. Econometric Theory, 19, 984-1007. [details]




    • van Garderen, K. J. (2000). An Alternative Comparison of Classical Tests: Assessing the Effects of Curvature. In M. Salmon, & P. Marriot (Eds.), Applications of Differential Geometry to Econometrics (pp. 230-280). Cambridge University Press.
    • van Garderen, K. J., Lee, K. C., & Pesaran, M. H. (2000). Cross-sectional aggregation of non-linear models. Journal of Econometrics, 95(2), 285-331.





    • Ariza, C., & van Garderen, K. J. (2009). Conditional bimodality in a structural equations model. (UvA-Econometrics Discussion Paper; No. 2009/12). Amsterdam: Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde. [details]


    • van Garderen, K. J., & Schluter, C. J. M. (2006). Edgeworth expansions and normalizing transforms for inequality measures. (UvA-Econometrics Working Paper; No. 2006/06). Amsterdam: Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde.


    • van Garderen, K. J., & Schluter, C. (2003). Improving finite sample confidence intervals for inequality and poverty measures. Unknown Publisher. [details]


    • Taniguchi, M., Puri, M. L., & van Garderen, K. J. (2001). Higher Order Asymptotic Theory for Semiparameteric Estimation of Spectral Parameters of Stationary Processes. Discussion Paper, 01514. [details]


    • van Garderen, K. J. (2004). Conditionele Inferentie Methoden en Kleine Steekproeven in de Econometrie. In T. M. Hackeng (Ed.), Over de grenzen van het weten. Jaarboek 2003 van de Vereniging van Akademie Onderzoekers (Jaarboeken Verening van Akademieonderzoekers). Amsterdam: KNAW. [details]

    Talk / presentation

    • van Garderen, K. (speaker) (19-5-2017). Confidence Regions for Spatial Autoregressive Models, Inference Issues in Econometrics, Amsterdam.
    • van Garderen, K. (invited speaker) (9-5-2017). Confidence Regions and Approximated Multimodal Distributions, University of Bielefeld.



    • van Ophem, H., van Giersbergen, N., van Garderen, K. J., & Bun, M. (2017). The cyclicality of R&D investment revisited. (UvA Econometrics Discussion Paper; No. 2017/01). Amsterdam: Amsterdam School of Economics, University of Amsterdam. [details]


    • van Garderen, K. J., & Boswijk, H. P. (2013). Bias correcting adjustment coefficients in a cointegrated VAR with known cointegrating vectors. (UvA-Econometrics Discussion Paper; No. 2013-05). Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam. [details]


    • van Garderen, K. J. (2005). Forecasting growth and levels in loglinear unit root models. (UvA Econometrics discussion paper; No. 2005/04). Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of Economics. [details]


    • van Garderen, K. J., & Shah, C. (2001). The Interpretation of Dummy Variables in Semilogarithmic Equations in the Presence of Estimation Uncertainty. Department of Economics, University of Bristol. [details]
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  • Ancillary activities
    • No ancillary activities