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UvA EB’s Association of Actuarial Sciences and Econometrics students (VSAE) has organised the 2021 Econometric Game. During this competition, 30 international teams will take on the challenge of case that revolves around Airbnb and house prices in Amsterdam.

Before the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 150 million people used Airbnb and the company had 6 million listings worldwide. Amsterdam’s first listing appeared in 2008 and the number of listings has exploded since, having enormous implications for the local economy and the housing market.

Link with rising house prices

The prices for homes in Amsterdam have shown a tremendous increase over the past few years. The teams will examine to what extent has the emergence of Airbnb influenced how house prices have developed in Amsterdam. This is a question that is extremely relevant for society and policy, both domestically and in an international context. Brainbay, a provider of data services and insights into the Dutch real estate market, has provided the data for the cases.

The jury

The members of the jury are Hans Koster (VU Amsterdam), Fonger Ypma (CEO Brainbay), and Martijn Dröes (UvA EB, Amsterdam School of Real Estate). The jury of experts will evaluate the reports submitted by each ot the teams and the winner will be announced on 9 April.