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Dutch life expectancy projections have been revised downwards as a result of the Royal Dutch Actuarial Association (AG) Mortality Research Committee’s new prognosis.

Pension funds

Actuaries predict that girls born in 2021 will have an average life expectancy of just under 92 years, while life expectancy for boys is slightly more than 89 years: roughly 1 year less than originally forecast. Michel Vellekoop (ASE),  vice-chair of this committee says ‘Pension funds and insurers use this prognosis to estimate which arrangements they will retain. The coverage ratio for the average pension fund with a 100% coverage ratio will increase by about 2%'.


Sensitivity analysis of COVID-19 impact

The prognosis is published once every 2 years. In this edition, the committe has also included a comprehensive sensitivity analysis to assess the potential impact of COVID-19.