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MSc Econometrics and Actuarial Science & Mathematical Finance alumnus (2018) Bas Temme was presented with the Netspar thesis award for his thesis ‘Life-Cycle Investment Design: Strategies for Dutch top-up plans’.

Temme received a monetary prize of €3,000 during the Netspar International Pension Workshop on 22 January. His thesis supervisor was Dr Servaas van Bilsen (ASE, Quantitative Economics section).

About the thesis

Employees cannot accrue a pension exceeding €108,000. But they do have the option of depositing premiums from their net salary in a top-up DC pension scheme. Temme’s research looked at how these pension schemes can develop the best investment strategy, taking current regulations into account. His findings are now being implementedby a major Dutch pension fund.

The jury was very impressed by the academic quality, accessible writing style and the practical relevance of the thesis.