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In an article published on 2 October in both 'Het Financieele Dagblad' and 'Economisch Statistische Berichten', UvA Economics professors Maarten Pieter Schinkel and Sander Onderstal weigh in heavily on the Dutch government’s recent decision to allow PostNL to acquire the postal service company Sandd.

‘A decision devoid of any proper argument’, according to the authors. By allowing the takeover, the government ignored the decision of the ACM (Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets) to block the merger. This is argued to be an example of  ‘unprecedented political interference in independent competition regulation’. Together with Bert Tieben and Christian Behrens of SEO, the authors estimate that this takeover could end up costing the public up to 1 billion euro in the next 5 years.

Prof. M.P. (Maarten Pieter) Schinkel

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Economics and Business

Prof. A.M. (Sander) Onderstal

Faculty of Economics and Business

Section Strategy & International Business