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This series introduces us to a different employee every week. Find out what they most enjoy about their job and learn things you might not know about them yet. This week features Sidonie Rademaker, secretary at the Amsterdam Business School.

What do you like most about your job?

My job as a secretary at Amsterdam Business School is always fun. There’s never a dull moment! My indispensable team and I are involved in many processes and projects that help our school run smoothly. In my position I assist with a broad variety of (administrative) tasks related to education and research. This education and research enables the ABS to have an impact on society. I think it's great to have this overview of the current state of our school. To some extent, I can choose to work on projects that I think are relevant and contribute to their success. What makes me tick is the creative element in smaller or larger tasks or projects. I like starting something from the ground up and seeing it through until it’s finished. Part of that is also ensuring that things get done ‘on time’. In general, I believe I’m someone who enjoys working together with others. One of my strong points is that I don’t hesitate to get involved in all kinds of projects and work on them independently.

Is there a project from this past year you are particularly proud of?

Feeling pride isn’t really something that applies to me. Instead I would say fun, joy and a degree of independence in my work suit me better. Me and all of my colleagues work very hard and deliver great work every day. I try to be approachable and acknowledge everyone who works at our school, from the cleaning staff to full professors. I strive to get rid of any unnecessary bureaucracy and anonymity that might exist in our organisation. Perhaps I descend from a small village of indomitable Gauls…

What don’t most colleagues know about you?

I’m really an outdoor person with quite a lot of energy. In the spring and summer I’m fond of hiking, running, inline skating and windsurfing. I’m also most likely one of the last persons on earth who still laughs their ass off when watching Muppet Show characters such as the Swedish chef, the American bald eagle or Statler and Waldorf on YouTube.