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Barbara Baarsma, professor by special appointment of Market Forces and Competition Issues at the FEB and Managing Director of SEO Economic Research, received an honorary award from NVZ (Netherlands Association of Hospitals) on 30 January 2013.

Prof Barabara Baarsma, professor Applied Economical Research
Photgraph: Jeroen Oerlemans

The jury found Baarsma’s recommendations for preventing budget overruns in hospital care to be especially valuable. Under her supervision in early 2012, a committee looked for an alternative to a macro control instrument.  A report, containing recommendations such as effective healthcare demand estimates, allocation of financial frameworks across various healthcare insurers, and strict deadlines for contracting, was presented to Edith Schippers, minister of Health Welfare and Sport in June 2012.

The NVZ presents this award annually to a person or institution demonstrating exceptional service to the hospital sector in the Netherlands.