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Equilibrium, Expectations & Dynamics (CeNDEF)

An overview of the Equilibrium, Expectations & Dynamics PhD students.

Mr G.W. (Gavin) Goy PhD

Goy, G.W.

Mr A.B.P. (Alex) Grimaud MSc

Faculty of Economics and Business

Section Quantitative Economics

dr. M. (Myrna) Hennequin

Hennequin, M.

Ms E.M. (Eva) Levelt

Levelt, E.M.

Ms H. (Hao) Li MSc

Li, H.

Mr A. (Anghel) Negriu

Negriu, A.

Mr T. (Tolga) Özden MPhil

Ozden, T.

Ms L.S. (Sanna) Stephan MPhil

Stephan, L.S.

Mr E.M. (Enrico) Turco

Turco, E.M.