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Eureka! Knowledge Newsletter

The quarterly online Knowledge Newsletter Eureka! contains interviews on key trends and recent research insights in the field of Economics, shared by ASE researchers. It targets alumni, corporate contacts and other interested parties.

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More diversity by research into competitive behaviour

Interview with Thomas Buser | More diversity in organisations could be achieved by creating professional environments with less competition.

Monetary policy to limit bubbles in financial markets

Interview with Myrna Hennequin | An interest rate hike combined with a transparent policy might dampen expectations that drive bubbles in financial markets.

Measuring preferences through virtual questions

Interview with Roselinde Kessels | Sophisticated choice questions and statistical methods are a good way to obtain insight into people’s preferences.

Member States distort each other's bond markets

Interview with Massimo Giuliodori | Member states should coordinate their government bonds auctions more closely to reduce additional costs.

Population growth Africa: money spent on wrong issues

Interview with Pauline Rossi | Crucial components driving population growth, like economic considerations, are being overlooked.

Group pressure and intuition in economic decisions

Interview with Stephen Jagau | Do people make other decisions in groups than individually and what is the value of intuition in solving complex problems?
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