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Dr D.H.J. (Damiaan) Chen

Faculty of Economics and Business
Sectie Macro & International Economics
Photographer: FEB

Visiting address
  • Roetersstraat 11
Postal address
  • Postbus 15867
    1001 NJ Amsterdam
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    Research interests

    Pension economics, intergenerational risk sharing, voluntary participation, unhedgeable risk.

    Short Biography

    Damiaan's current research focuses on the valuation of unhedgeable inflation rate risk in the Dutch pension system. Damiaan graduated as a MSc in Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science at Tilburg University in 2012 and he defended his PhD thesis at the University of Amsterdam in 2016. Currently he is a postdoc researcher under the supervision of Roel Beetsma and Sweder van Wijnbergen.


    Damiaan's postdoc position is supported by Netspar.

  • Publications


    • Beetsma, R. M. W. J., Chen, D. H. J., & van Wijnbergen, S. J. G. (Accepted/In press). Unhedgeable Inflation Risk within Pension Schemes. Insurance: Mathematics & Economics.


    • Chen, D. H. J., Beetsma, R. M. W. J., Broeders, D. W. G. A., & Pelsser, A. A. J. (2017). Sustainability of participation in collective pension schemes: An option pricing approach. Insurance: Mathematics & Economics, 74, 182-196. [details]


    • Chen, D. H. J., Beetsma, R. M. W. J., Ponds, E. H. M., & Romp, W. E. (2016). Intergenerational risk-sharing through funded pensions and public debt. Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 15(2), 127-159. [details]


    • Chen, D. H. J., & Doll, M. (2019). Pensioendeelnemers profiteren van maatwerk in risicotoedeling. Economisch-Statistische Berichten.
    • Chen, D. H. J., Beetsma, R. M. W. J., & van Wijnbergen, S. J. G. (2019). Hogere welvaart als inflatierisico van pensioen beter kan worden afgedekt. Economisch-Statistische Berichten.


    • Beetsma, R., Chen, D., Romp, W., & Vos, S. J. (2015). Verplichtstelling van pensioenen. Aenorm, 2015(special), 65-69. [details]


    • Beetsma, R., & Chen, D. (2013). De verplichtstelling van de Nederlandse pensioenen. Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 98(4674&4675), 738-741. [details]


    • Chen, D. H. J. (2016). Essays on collective funded pension schemes. [details]


    • Chen, D. H. J., & van Wijnbergen, S. J. G. (2017). Economische Aspecten van Afschaffing Doorsneesystematiek. (Netspar industry series. Occasional; No. 01-2017). Tilburg: Netspar. [details]
    • Chen, D. H. J., & van Wijnbergen, S. J. G. (2017). Redistributive Consequences of Abolishing Uniform Contribution Policies in Pension Funds. (Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper; No. 2017-114/VI). Amsterdam: Tinbergen Institute. [details]


    • Broeders, D., Chen, D., Minderhoud, P., & Schudel, W. (2016). Pension funds' herding. (DNB Working Papers; No. 503). Amsterdam: De Nederlandsche Bank NV. [details]


    • Chen, D. (2015). Voluntary Participation in a Defined Benefit Pension Scheme: An Option Pricing Approach. (Netspar Discussion Paper; No. 11/2015-042). Netspar. [details]
    • Chen, D. H. J., Beetsma, R. M. W. J., & Broeders, D. W. G. A. (2015). Stability of participation in collective pension schemes: an option pricing approach. (Netspar Discussion Paper; No. DP 09/2015-029). Netspar. [details]
    • Chen, D., & Beetsma, R. (2015). Mandatory Participation in Occupational Pension Schemes in the Netherlands and Other Countries: An Update. (pp. 44). (Netspar Discussion Paper; No. 10/2015-032). Netspar. [details]
    • Chen, D., Beetsma, R., & Broeders, D. (2015). Stability of Participation in Collective Pension Schemes: An Option Pricing Approach. (De Nederlandsche Bank Working Paper; No. 484). De Nederlandsche Bank. [details]


    • Chen, D. H. J., & Beetsma, R. M. W. J. (2014). Mandatory participation in occupational pension schemes in the Netherlands and other countries. (CESifo Working Paper Series; No. 4593). München: CESifo Group. [details]
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