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Results: 41 - 60 of 260
Results: 41 - 60 of 260
  • Bubbles in Amsterdam
    Monetary policy might be able to limit bubbles in financial markets
    9 Jul 2019
    Experiments by behavioural economist Myrna Hennequin suggest that an interest rate hike, combined with a transparent interest rate policy, might dampen expectations that drive bubbles in financial markets. ‘We wanted ...
  • Busreis
    Measuring preferences through virtual choice questions
    9 Jul 2019
    Sophisticated choice questions and statistical methods are a way to obtain a good insight into people’s preferences. Statistical researcher Roselinde Kessels of the University of Amsterdam uses such methods to study ...
  • -
    YAE survey: stress and long hours common among young researchers
    18 Jun 2019
    In an opinion piece for, Dr Shaul Shalvi (ASE, microeconomics), Toma Susi (University of Vienna) and Mangala Srinivas (Radboud University Nijmegen) share the results of a survey held among the researchers ...
  • Boys silhouette
    The dark side of personality
    12 Jun 2019
    Social life entails countless situations in which people have to trust each other. From mundane family matters to profane issues such as trade negotiations among world leaders in a conflicted globalized world – all ...
  • Vidi grant awarded to ASE researcher
    27 May 2019
    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Vidi grant worth 800.000 euros per project to Dr Shaul Shalvi (Amsterdam School of Economics, section Microeconomics). With the grant, Shalvi ...
  • Member States distort each other's bond markets
    14 Mar 2019
    Around the time that a EU Member State issues new government bonds, yields in its own country as well as in other countries go up. As a result, all governments incur additional costs, which may actually be ...
  • Trust
    Negative emotions can reduce our capacity to trust
    13 Mar 2019
    It is no secret that a bad mood can negatively affect how we treat others. But can it also make us more distrustful? Yes, according to a new study, which shows that negative emotions reduce how much we trust others, ...
  • Fifty Years Nobel Prize in Economics
    6 Mar 2019
    Fifty years ago, in 1969, the first Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Jan Tinbergen and the Norwegian Ragnar Frisch. Economics journal TPEdigitaal released a special issue to celebrate the spirit of Jan ...
  • Werkmotivatie
    Which employees have the best ideas?
    1 Mar 2019
    We all know people at work who express themselves frequently, quickly and fluently as well as people who express themselves less often. But which of them come up with the best ideas and how do they arrive at those ...
  • Barbara Baarsma new member of Nederlands Comité voor Ondernemerschap
    27 Feb 2019
    In a recent announcement, Barbara Baarsma (professor of Market Forces and Competition Issues at UvA Economics and Business) has been appointed as a new member of The Nederlands Comité voor Ondernemerschap starting ...
  • Lisanne van Bunderen wins 2018 Van der Schroeff Award
    23 Jan 2019
    The Van der Schroeff Award for the best lecturer at UvA Economics and Business was awarded to Lisanne van Bunderen. The winner was announced during the New Year’s event on 17 January. “It was really enjoyable to ...
  • Cartel Dating article nominated for Antitrust Writing Awards 2019
    17 Jan 2019
    The article ‘Cartel Dating’, written by UvA Economics and Business researchers Peter Boswijk, Maurice Bun and Maarten Pieter Schinkel has been nominated for the Antitrust Writing Awards 2019 in the Economics category ...
  • ASE researcher ranked first in ‘Economentop 40’
    19 Dec 2018
    In the 2018 ‘Economentop 40’ rankings listing the top 40 economists in the Netherlands, Hessel Oosterbeek, a professor at the Amsterdam School of Economics(ASE), was ranked in first place. The ranking is published ...
  • Ted van der Aalst Johan de Witt thesis award
    ASMF alumnus wins Johan de Witt thesis award 2018
    28 Nov 2018
    Ted van der Aalst, a cum laude graduate of the Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance MSc programme was awarded the Johan de Witt thesis award on 22 November. He won the award for his thesis 'A network approach ...
  • euros
    UvA Economics graduates receive highest salary
    24 Oct 2018
    Research shows that UvA Economics graduates receive the highest salary in the job market compared to graduates in other studies. This is one of the findings of a SEO Amsterdam Economics study based on CBS microdata.
  • Economic decisions under group pressure and on intuition
    24 Oct 2018
    Do people make other decisions in groups than individually and what is the value of intuition in solving complex problems? These are questions from the fast-growing field of behavioural economics that Stephen Jagau ...
  • Pauline Rossi
    Population growth in Africa: ‘The money isn’t being spent on the right problem’
    24 Oct 2018
    Population growth in Africa is strong, and faster than expected. Easier access to contraceptives – currently the main focus - may curb the birthrate somewhat. However, crucial components driving population growth are ...
  • ASE research
    Paper UvA EB lecturer cited by Pentti Hakkarainen
    17 Oct 2018
    A paper by assistant professor Stefanie Huber has been cited during a speech of ECB board member Pentti Hakkarainen about the health of banks in the Eurozone earlier this month.
  • Schinkel and Tuinstra cited by Supreme Court
    Maarten Pieter Schinkel and Jan Tuinstra cited in US Supreme Court case
    4 Oct 2018
    Two articles by UvA EB professors Maarten Pieter Schinkel, Jan Tuinstra, and co-authors have been cited in an amicus letter in the Apple v. Pepper case currently before the US Supreme Court.
  • CeNDEF to organise event marking its 20-year anniversary
    26 Sep 2018
    On 18 and 19 October 2018, CeNDEF (Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance) will be organising an event to celebrate its 20th anniversary.