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Forms of corporate partnership

  • Named Chair: a Named Chair carries the name of the partner that funds the Chair. The Chair may be installed for a specific reason. For example, to promote research in a specific field of expertise or to stimulate teaching in a specific area. To guarantee adherence to the high scientific standards applied by the Amsterdam School of Economics, the envisaged holder of the Chair will go through a regular appointment procedure, while a curatorium, consisting of two representatives from the partner and a representative from the partner, will monitor work progress on a regular basis.
  • Special Chair: the rules for a Special Chair are essentially the same as those for a Named Chair. Its aim is to promote the dissemination of knowledge from practice into the teaching and research conducted at the ASE. The holder of the chair is usually a person who holds a doctorate and who occupies a senior position in a major organisation in the relevant field. Obviously, the holder of the chair needs to have an intrinsic interest in academic work.
  • Joint research projects: joint research can benefit both partners and the university. Partners often avail of relevant data and are very much aware of the specific practical questions they run into, while university research staff have the methodological knowledge and research experience to analyse those questions in a scientifically solid way.
  • Sponsoring a course or programme: this is a clever way for the partner to advertise itself to the students, hence to potential employees. If the scientific standards are ensured, the partner may also provide input into the course or programme itself.