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CREED PhD candidate Junze Sun has won the Gregory Chow Best Paper Award at the 2018 Chinese Economists Society (CES) conference in Hefei, China for his paper ‘A Theory on Media Bias and Elections’ (joint with ASE professors Randolph Sloof and Arthur Schram).

Sun received the award and a cash prize of 1,000 euro in late June during the CES annual conference. The Gregory Chow Best Paper award is presented to a graduate student who is the primary author of a paper.

Key insight

Sun's paper develops a theory to study the impact of biased media outlets on voter turnout, the selection of political candidate, and voter welfare. The key insight of the paper is that in spite of everyone knowing that the media is biased,  information released by these media still allows the electorate to not only judge the relative appeal of candidates, but also gauge the closeness of elections, which has a strong influence on turnout.

CREED (Centre for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision-making) is part of the UvA’s Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE).