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On January 17, 2013, the Joop Hartog Dissertation Prize was awarded to Petr Sedláček for his thesis “Macroeconomic implications of labor market frictions”, written under the supervision of professor Wouter den Haan. The Joop Hartog Dissertation Prize has been awarded for the third time.

The jury, consisting of professor J.S. Cramer, professor J. Hartog (chair) and professor H. Jager, evaluated dissertations that had been defended at the Amsterdam School of Economics in 2010 and 2011. In this period, 19 PhD theses were defended, of which 4 had been nominated. The other candidates were Tatiana Kiseleva, Marit Schoonhoven and Benjamin Kemper.  

Sedláček's thesis has three substantial chapters (papers) of which two have been written independently and one jointly with the supervisor. The jury appreciated the persistent and creative search for a solution of the research problem that had been defined, in a fine balance of empirical and analytical work. The research had not brought definitive solutions, but rather contributes to permanent debate. Empirical work can be a confrontation with stubborn hurdles and Sedláček demonstrated that in a field with many pitfalls he can hold a steady line. Empirically and analytically, he delivered contributions of high standing, with good perspective of publication in top journals.