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As alumni of the Amsterdam School of Economics, you are part of the large network of the University of Amsterdam, with more than 165,000 alumni. Read up on our alumni platform, services, groups and opportunities.

Online alumni platform UvA Bridge
UvA Bridge is the online platform for alumni of the University of Amsterdam. This platform gives you the opportunity to expand your professional network by getting in contact with former classmates and other interesting alumni who can be valuable for your career. Via UvA Bridge, you will receive the latest news, event updates and much more.

Alumni services

Alumni of the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam School of Economics have access to valuable scientific databases. We also offer career advice up to a year after graduation.

  • Career Advice

    You can use the services of the UvA’s Career Centre up to 1 year after you graduate. You can meet with a career coach, submit your CV for review, and take part in workshops on, for instance, networking or job application trainings.


As an alumnus or alumna you are very valuable to current students. You can use your knowledge and network to help them be better prepared for the job market. There are several ways for you to help students and to give back to your university.

Life Long Learning

UvA Economics and Business offers a variety of Open Programmes, Postmasters and Executive Programmes. These programmes are especially designed for professionals who seek to add more depth to their knowledge base. You may get a discount on these programmes. 

For the Open Programmes you can visit the UvA Academy Website. For Postmasters and Executive Masters, have a look at our Executive Education page.


If you have any questions regarding UvA Bridge, alumni services, or anything else described on this page, please reach out to our Alumni Coordinator.