New Amsterdam School of Data Science offers wide range of courses

7 December 2016

The Amsterdam School of Data Science is a new initiative offering a wide range of courses in data science. The school has much to offer to anyone interested in studying Data Science and it also facilitates training and retraining programmes for people already employed in the field.

The search tool on the school’s website helps prospective students find the course that best fits their needs and interests.

The University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have taken the initiative to establish the Amsterdam School of Data Science. Data science is becoming more and more important in business and society. Data Science professionals are an essential part of further developing society. Unfortunately, there is a huge shortage of data scientists on the global labour market. As Amsterdam-based knowledge institutes, this initiative is one way to contribute to solving this problem.

More information?

Visit the Amsterdam School of Data Science website for more information about the school and the programmes offered.

Published by  Economics and Business