Bernard van Praag receives Pierson Medal 2017

10 October 2017

Professor Bernard van Praag (1939) was awarded the Pierson Medal on Tuesday 10 October. The medal was presented by Klaas Knot, President of De Nederlandsche Bank. The Pierson Medal is awarded once every three years to highly deserving Dutch economists who have distinguished themselves through the quality and depth of their publications.

Van Praag also received the medal for his pioneering work in the field of measuring individual welfare and for his contribution to creating high-quality institutes for research and education in the field of economics.

The medal is an initiative of the Mr. N.G. Pierson Foundation.

Pierson Penning 2017

L to R: Klaas Knot, Arie Kapteyn, and Bernard van Praag (Photo: Martijn Barth, De Nederlandsche Bank)

Bernard van Praag has been published in numerous top international periodicals on a variety of subjects, including the measurement of welfare and well-being, poverty, and econometric methodology. His monograph, Happiness Quantified. A Satisfaction Calculus Approach was published by the Oxford University Press in 2004, co-authored with A.Ferrer-i-Carbonell. He is a regular contributor to Economisch Statistische Berichten (ESB), and writes regularly for daily newspapers such as NRC Handelsblad and de Volkskrant.

From January 2000 through March 2004, Professor Bernard van Praag was a University Professor at the University of Amsterdam. He defended his thesis cum laude at the University of Amsterdam in 1968. He was then appointed professor of Economics at Leiden University in 1972. In 1984 he was appointed professor of Mathematical Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This was followed by appointment as Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Amsterdam in 1992, with a simultaneous appointment as director of SEO Economic Research.

In addition to Bernard van Praag, Professor Arie Kapteyn was also awarded the Pierson Medal. A symposium titled ‘De kloof tussen welzijnsbeleving en welvaartsmeting’ (the gap between perceived well-being and measured welfare). Both the symposium and the award ceremony took place at Sociëteit de Witte in The Hague.

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