TIER and Municipality of Amsterdam launch training experiment

26 October 2016

The Top Institute for Evidence Based Research (TIER), part of the ASE Human Capital research programme, has initiated an experiment to assist self-employed freelancers who have thus far had limited success acquiring customers.

TIER is conducting this experiment in collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam. With this ‘self-employed worker training voucher experiment’, participants are eligible to receive a 1,000 euro training voucher.

During the crisis the number of self-employed workers rose sharply, especially in sectors where many jobs were scrapped, such as the financial sector. These self-employed workers are not always able to earn enough to live on based on the amount of work they perform. Extra training for this group could contribute to improving their income.

'Putting talent to work'

The experiment is just one of the measures in place in the ‘Putting talent to work’ programme of the Amsterdam Economic Board’s Human Capital steering committee.
Amsterdam-based self-employed workers with an income up to 120% of the minimum wage are, under certain conditions, eligible for a voucher until 1 March 2017.

Published by  Economics and Business