Career prospects

Business Economics: Organisation Economics

What can you expect to achieve once you have completed your MSc in Business Economics? The job prospects are excellent, and each of the three tracks offers you a considerable number of career options. The master’s in Business Economics is a highly successful programme that will introduce you to a wide and international network of alumni.

In the Master's in Business Economics programme, you will learn about the inner workings of organisations, how to make investment decisions and motivate management and staff to deliver the best results. As a graduate, you have become a valuable commodity for many organisations: a university-trained expert in finance and economics. ABS graduates are highly regarded for their independent minds as well as their strong people and presentational skills. 

Graduates can be found in a wide variety of organisations, including:

  • Banks;
  • commercial organisations;
  • consultants;
  • governmental agencies;
  • NGOs.


Graduates from the Finance track go on to become investment bankers, all-round financial or business analysts, investment advisors, portfolio managers. derivatives traders, treasurers and financial directors.

Their colleagues from the Organisation Economics track often find employment as organisational advisers, managers, policy workers, remuneration consultants or strategic planners.

After choosing the Real Estate Finance track, graduates can become asset managers, securitisation specialists or international property brokers. They may also choose a career as analysts of stocks, acquisitions or credit, or become appraisers, consultants or project managers.

Where do ABS graduates work?

Examples of positions currently held by Business Economics graduates include:

  • Consultant at Ernst & Young;

  • market maker at Optiver;

  • business analyst at DHL;

  • decision support analyst at Royal Bank of Scotland;

  • consultant at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers);

  • manager at ING Bank Financial Markets;

  • financial analyst at AkzoNobel;

  • business analyst at ABN AMRO Bank.

Alumni network

All graduates have access to the ABS alumni network, enabling graduates to connect with fellow alumni in their field of interest and to find new opportunities.

Published by  Economics and Business

2 December 2015