Career prospects

Business Economics

What can you expect to achieve once you have completed the MSc in Business Economics in general and the Competition Law and Economics track in particular? Job prospects are generally quite excellent. The master’s in Business Economics is a highly successful programme that will introduce you to an extensive and international network of professionals that include many UvA alumni.

The Master’s programme in Business Economics teaches you about the inner and outer workings of organisations, as well as their place and role in regulated market economies. Research questions considered include: how to design an organisation internally to motivate management and staff to deliver the best results, and how to operate business strategies in the context of competitive markets. As a graduate, you will have become a valuable commodity for many private and public organisations: a university-trained expert in economics. ASE graduates are highly regarded for their independent minds as well as their strong interpersonal and transversal skills.

Graduates can be found in a wide variety of organisations, including: 

  • Multinational corporations;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Consultants and think tanks;
  • Governmental agencies;
  • NGOs and non-profit organizations.


Track specialisations

Graduates from the Managerial Strategy & Economics track go on to positions as internal organisation experts and in human resource management. The options are as wide and diverse as there are corporate organisations in the world.

Graduates in the Competition Law & Economics track have excellent job prospects for positions in high-level consulting, multinational corporations, institutions such as the European Commission, and NGO’s and international organisations like OECD and United Nations.

Where do our graduates work?

Examples of positions currently held by Business Economics graduates include:

  • Consultant at Boston Consulting Group;
  • Consultant at Ernst & Young;
  • Market maker at Optiver;
  • Policy advisor with the European Commission;
  • Decision support analyst at Royal Bank of Scotland;
  • Consultant at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers);
  • Manager at ING Bank Financial Markets;
  • Financial analyst at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs;
  • Business analyst at ABN AMRO Bank and Rabobank;
  • Analyst with the Breughel think tank

Alumni network

All graduates have access to the ASE alumni network, which enables graduates to connect with fellow alumni in their field of interest and to find new opportunities.

Tangible benefits aside, your graduation from the ASE also begins your membership of a select brand of alumni who may not be instantly recognisable, but whose shared background will always mean plenty of shared memories, a single frame of reference and ease of acquaintance.

Published by  Economics and Business

1 November 2016