Are you an enthusiastic alumnus and do you want to share your enthusiasm with other alumni and students? Become an alumni ambassador!

What are the possibilities?

  • Be an active member on the study LinkedIn group
  • Contribute to information evenings
  • Be a member of the Alumni Advisory Board
  • Speak at speaker events or give a guest lecture
  • Be a co-organizer of alumni events
  • Host a visit for students or alumni at your company

What is in it for you?

You can develop your presentation and advisory skills and use the Schools important network for your own goals ( recruiting, knowledge updates, executive education etc.)

ASE Alumni-ambassadors evening

Are you looking for an employee or intern?

Post the job description or internship on www.uvaconnect.nl or UvAJobboard (students and juniors).

Published by  Economics and Business

7 November 2018