Alumni in the spotlight

Where do our alumni end up after graduation? Where do they work and how do they look back on their study period?

  • Sabyasachi Sengupta

    Alumnus in the spotlight: Sabyasachi Sengupta

    Sabyasachi Sengupta started his studies MSc Business Economics in 2010 and graduated in 2011. Before he came to the Netherlands he finished his bachelors in Commerce at the University of Mumbai, India.

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  • ASE alumnus in the spotlight

    Alumni in the spotlight: Peter van der Wel

    "In the time I studied, the UvA offered a lot of extracurricular activities relevant to my studies, such as protest and discussion groups. There was focus on socialism versus capitalism, colonialism, upcoming interest in the environment, and ...

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  • Nienke van den Bergh

    Alumnus in the spotlight: Nienke van den Bergh

    Nienke has great memories of her student days: ‘I was driven to complete my degree, but also especially to develop myself in as many directions as possible'.

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  • Amsterdam School of Economics

    Alumnus in the spotlight: Karlijn Hoyer

    “Don’t be afraid to customise what you have been offered so it better meets your needs. This applies to your academic curriculum, your personal development plan, etc. Within boundaries, there is always some room to manoeuver!”

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