The Amsterdam School of Economics

The Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE) is part of the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB).

It is a school with about 200 academic staff and 2400 students.

ASE offers several excellent bachelor and master programmes in economics, econometrics, actuarial science and operations research & management and has a strong emphasis on research.

ASE has eight high-performing research programmes.

ASE Research Institute facilitates and promotes research at ASE to foster the academic ideal of intertwined university teaching and research.

The management team of the Amsterdam School of Economics consists of Prof. Frank Kleibergen (research director), Prof. Massimo Giuliodori (program coordinator BSc and MSc in Economics) and Prof. Roel Beetsma (chair of the department). The section heads also participate in the management team meetings and take part in the decision-making process there. 

  • prof. dr. R.M.W.J. (Roel) Beetsma | T: 0205255280

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  • prof. dr. F.R. (Frank) Kleibergen | T: 0205254397

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Students at the Faculty of Economics and Business

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7 August 2018